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Why Hire an Immigration Attorney?

I hear this question often. And it’s understandable.  Immigration forms and their instructions are available for download on the US Citizenship and Immigration Services’ (USCIS) website.  We all have friends or colleagues who successfully applied for an immigration benefit, without hiring a lawyer. And because when you seek quality legal representation, you can expect it will not come cheap. But in many cases, hiring an immigration lawyer can be priceless. Here are some reasons why.

MONEY: An experienced attorney may actually save you money. If you file the wrong form, or forget a key piece of evidence, your case will be at best, significantly delayed, and at worst, denied. And a denied case may mean the start of removal cases. You’ll end up paying more money to correct mistakes and prevent seriously bad consequences of those mistakes.   

PEACE OF MIND: What is the price tag on your peace of mind? You’re busy enough! Hiring an attorney means giving your problems, to them. You now have someone else on your team, on your side, with your problems keeping THEM up at night.

PROFESSIONALISM:  You can diagnose and learn to treat all sorts of medical issues on WebMD, but you still go see your doctor. Attorneys have likely spent years studying and learning and continue to do so. With experience and training, attorneys can become more strategic, more savvy, more creative, and better able to create efficient and effective solutions Every hour an attorney spends on your case represents hundreds of hours he or she has spent on training herself to be an effective advocate, to be YOUR advocate.

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