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Humanitarian Immigration

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Here at the Law Office of Alicia R. Kinsman, we assist vulnerable individuals who have suffered serious harm and are seeking to remain safe and secure, in the United States. Humanitarian immigration relief may be available to those fleeing serious harm, or "persecution," in their home country, or to certain individuals seeking to free and protect themselves from dangerous situations and/or individuals, within the United States. Schedule an initial consultation appointment to discuss whether or not you and/or your family members, may be eligible to apply for humanitarian immigration relief. Some examples of these case types are:

  • Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) Self-Petitions, for victims of domestic violence who are the child, parent, or current/former spouse of a US citizen or green card holder.

  • U Nonimmigrant Status “U Visa”, which offers immigration protection for certain victims of qualifying crimes. Qualifying crimes include rape, sexual assault, domestic violence, kidnapping, felony assault, and other serious crimes. ·

  • T Nonimmigrant status, or the “T Visa” provides immigration protection to individuals who may have been lured to the US or recruited to work certain jobs, under the false pretenses of good pay and better lives, and then forced to work or provide services, under abusive conditions.